About Goose

Gooseboards started out in 2016. By a couple of dudes who were working in a co-working space called Mosaic Workshop in Morningside, Auckland, NZ. 

Meet Jared - Artisan, dreamer, maker, surfer, skater, one eyed wanderer, writer and story teller, husband, adventure over money, inkling of the heart believer. 

Meet Ryan - Design spinner, family lover, goose owner, recent skater, scenic route preferrer, quote sayer, photo maker, doer over sayer, non-avid reader. 

We got together one day in the shared space and decided we needed to do something of our own. Something we could be proud of, that used our skill sets and to learn off each other, and somewhere to try out things that have been bubbling away in our hearts and minds for a while. 

Jared: "Lets start a skate brand."

Ryan: "OK. Sounds rad. I don't skate. I'll learn" 

Jared: "Yea man. It'll be awesome!"

Ryan: "Ha, yes!"

That was pretty much the process of the beginning. 

As an artisan maker, Jared makes cool stuff and we agreed we would like to make boards from solid wood. Sure there would be challenges, but it'd be something unique and special. We also wanted to make boards from all the excess wood he had collected from his life and work - mainly off cuts, discarded bits, found gems, some gifted, and those awesome finds from demo's.  We also recognised that there is plenty of wood to be found and used - and quality wood at that!  Thus began the up-cycling angle. 

From there we've enjoyed realising "one mans trash" into "another mans treasure" through various board shapes and sizes. 

Experimentation has been key - goosing around you might say ;) (that gives you an idea of where the name comes from) We want to prove that play can be a key foundation of enterprise. The more we play, the more we see gaps, we care less about making more of the same, and we keep coming up with ideas. Once you exercise play, it doesn't really want to stop. 

We want people to buy our boards, because why wouldn't you? It's (mostly) recycled, fun, totally unique and an art piece in itself (from wall to floor and back again!) 

So where are we at now?

From here we're interested in working with more recycled materials. 

Running board making workshops that increase resilience to those old and young!

Getting people excited about alternative transport. 

Looking at brand or council collaborations. 

The list seems to keep growing. 

Watch this space. Be part of it. Goose it! 

Ryan and Jared. 

Instagram @gooseboards