Kaikoura workshops

We often get caught up in our own bubbles - be it with life or business. 

So we we’re stoked when Natalie from the Kaikoura District Council popped our busy bubble and contacted us about putting on some workshops for the towns residents - with a focus on the youth. 

A year on since the earthquake, the town is now starting to see some life brought back in, but let’s not deny that it’s been bloody hard yakka and so much (businesses and lives) has been deeply impacted and it’s been super hard to get in and out of this epic town. 

We were so encouraged to hear that for the “one year” anniversary, they’re planning big and encouraging creativity and celebration within that. 

One aspect of the week long activities is that we’ll be joining a local surfer in offering workshops on building our crafts. 

Creativity thrives on opportunity, and what we’ll be showcasing is what can be done amidst that. 

For three days we’re going to be using wood recovered from quake damaged houses in workshops with local youth and adults to produce a board for each person involved. We’ll be joining in with local businesses to get the wood cleaned up and ready to begin the process of building a board, then us all handshaping and finishing off each cruiser board. 

Workshop Images

Our aim is to see a community inspired, and to start on ongoing “Kaikoura Series” into the future. So keep your eyes out for that.

Ryan + Jared

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