Banana Gosling #3

Banana Gosling #3


A throw back to the days of old… Our banana gosling is an ode to where a lot of skating first began… simple, “pill” shape, classic lines. (Pretty sure this style of board was the first kind Tony Hawk skated) A compact, retro cruiser board for a bit of fun and an easy commute - perfect for public transport and missions with mates.

The board is made from beautiful oak, and the Kauri kick wood was gifted to the workshop.

Deck: 610mm(24") X 120mm(4.7") 
Trucks: 3" Trucks, White 
Wheels: "Goose," 56mm, 78A 
Bearings: Red Abec7

LOCAL PICKUP FROM AUCKLAND/HAMILTON - use the code "pickup" to waive the shipping cost and we can arrange pickup with you.

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