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Goose Board workshops are designed to inspire, build confidence and enable anyone from the age of 10yrs(ish) onwards to build a cruiser skate board. We work with schools, councils, groups, young kids, teenagers and adults.

They blend in a mix of idea creation, bespoke manufacturing, social & ethical responsibility, creative empowerment and waste minimisation.


About the workshops


The Goose Boards workshops have a clear singular physical outcome - every participant makes their own, skateable, up-cycled cruiser skateboard. At its core however, are many inspiring drivers collaborating together to help inspire people to live better lives: Celebrating ideas, big picture thinking, encouraging “doing”, thinking laterally and collaboration.

Every workshop participant can expect to be encouraged to come up with their own ideas for the kind of board they’d like to produce. Our only constraint is time! So we actively dialogue with you to get the most out of your idea within the given time frame. We want every person to have the experience of seeing and idea through to a final state with all the process inbetween. As one of our mottos, “Creativity should be taken seriously”, we actively pursue this process as one of huge importance - ideas are the catalysts for change and innovation.

The environment is also a huge priority of what we’re doing here. Landfill diversion, and re-using and re-imagining materials is a part of the big picture we’re promoting. If someone can see how something that would have ended up as waste gets repurposed into a premium product, then hopefully it’ll inspire that person or group of people to see more opportunity around them in the daily. That’s a win on a variety of levels! It’s also a growing category of commerce into the future which we’re stoked to be a part of and to promote.

We like “doing” at Goose Boards. Too many people talk about ideas and never get round to them. It’s an epidemic we’d like to cure. We’re all about encouraging people to try out their ideas and learn new skills. The hardest part is starting. So these workshops are a great way to see that process in practice. Then, it’s a matter of applying it to many other aspects of life and all the ventures than are in store for the future.

Finally, one of our favourite aspects of the workshops is communication with others. It’s one of the best skills we can all keep learning how to be better at. Asking questions, listening to others, having discussions or debates, moving forward, agreeing, agreeing to disagree, seeing someone else’s point of view, encouraging each other, etc. Great communication = great people = great communities = great cities = great countries = a great global community.

So let’s get started!

Below is a per person cost for all board components and time involved and then it’s a matter of finding a location with equipment to do the workshops. We’re happy to work with you to find a suitable location and access to tools. Mens Sheds, community halls and schools are all potential options for possible venues.


10-15 participants - $250pp

15-30 participants - $220pp

30 participants+ - $200pp

Venue/tools separate - TBC with each group.


Typically we can run a workshop in a day.

10-15 participants - 3 hours. (plus breaks)

15-30 participants - 3 x 1.5 hr sessions = 4.5hrs (plus breaks). ie. Group 1, then an overlap session with group 1&2, then a final session with group two.

30 participants+ - Let’s chat. Typically larger groups have run over two days, but can be fit into one day if needed.